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Megawheels Folding Electric Scooter Adult kids Kick E-Scooter Urban Commuter

Megawheels Folding Electric Scooter Adult kids Kick E-Scooter Urban Commuter

Megawheels Folding Electric Scooter Adult kids Kick E-Scooter Urban Commuter    Megawheels Folding Electric Scooter Adult kids Kick E-Scooter Urban Commuter

Megawheels Folding Electric Scooter Adult kids Kick E-Scooter Urban Commuter. S1: 90KG, S5 & S10 & S11: 120KG. S1: 14MPH, S5 & S10 & S11: 15.5MPH. S1: 7.5KG, S5: 12.5KG, S10: 11.9KG, S11: 12.3KG.

S1: 5.0Ah, S5 & S10 & S11: 7.5Ah. Diameter S1: 6.0'', S5 & S11: 8.5'', S10: 8.0'. S1: 15 degree, S5 & S10 & S11: 20 degree. S1: 8-12KM S5: 18-22KM, S10: 17-22KM, S11: 20-25KM.

S1: 2.5H, S5: 4H, S10: 5H, S11: 4.5H. S1 & S5 & S10: 250W, S11: 350W. Suitable for teenagers and weigh less than 90kg. Safer driving at night with LED headlights (S5&S10&S11) and rear warning lights (S1). Light weight more convenient to park and transport.

Powerful and brushless hub motor, maximum speed of 23 km / h, nominal power of 250 watts(S1&S5&S10), 350 watts for S11. Powered by LG lithium battery, cruise distance of up to 18-22KM (S5&S10), 20-25KM (S11) and 8-12KM (S1). With 8.5 " Pneumatic tires (S5&S11), 8.0 " Pneumatic/Solid tires (S10); 6.0" solid front tire, 5.5 " rear tire (S1), more durable on the road. Most comfortable travel experience maximum load 90 KG (S1) -120 KG (S5&S10&S11).

Suitable for: adults(S5&S10&S11), teenagers(S1&S5&S10&S11) and children(S1). Security system that includes overload, overload, overcurrent, temperature, blocking, temperature protection of the engine control.

Dimension: Deployment 1046 x 430 x 480 mm; Folding: 1046 x 430 x 1180 mm. Box size: 1095 x 237 x 545mm.

8.0 Honeycomb Front Tire & Solid Rear Tire. Maximum load: 120kg(S10)/100kg(S10-5.0Ah). Maximum speed: 25KM / h. Speed level: Gear 1 - Max. 10 km / h; Gear 2 - Max 20km / h; Gear 3 - Max 25km / h.

Mileage: 17-22km(S10)/8-12KM(S10-5.0Ah). Grade capacity: 20 degree slope. Working temperature: -15 ° C-50 ° C. Storage temperature: -20 ° C-25 ° C. Mode Motor type: brushless hub motor. Battery type: High quality lithium battery. Battery capacity: 7.5Ah Li-Battery(S10)/5.0Ah Li-Battery(S10-5.0Ah). Frequent charger: 50Hz / 60Hz. Charging time: 5 hours(S10)/3. Before use, please kindly read the schematic diagrams and assembly steps of manual to assemble the front wheel. Step on the base, lift the fork firmly to remove the base. Remove the rubber plugs on both sides of the front fork, and unscrew the front axle with the two 6mm hexagon wrenches in the package.

When installing the front wheel (please pay attention to the direction of the tread of the tire, as shown in the lower right or the inflation port to the right), and tighten the front wheel axle. Plug back the rubber plugs on both sides of the front fork. Net Weight: 12.7kg Color: Black Frame Material: Aluminium Tires: Pneumatic tire Max Load. Speed level: Gear 1--Max 15km/h ; Gear 2--Max 25km/h.

Grade Ability: 20 degree slope. Mode Type of Motor: Brushless hub motor. Battery Type:High quality lithium battery. S5 is available in CA and NY, w. Dimension: Unfolding 900420(760-970)mm; Folding: 810420290mm Box Size:885225355mm Net Weight: 7.5kg Color: Black Frame Material: Aluminium Materials Tires: 6.0 inch solid front, 5.5 inch back. Max speed: 23KM/h Mileage: 8-12km Grade Ability: 15 degree slope Brake Type: Power Brake, Mechanic brake(back tire) Mode Type of Motor: Brushless hub motor Rated Output Power: 250W Battery Type:High quality lithium battery. Battery Voltage: DC29.4V Charger Input Voltage: 100V-240V Charger Frequent: 50Hz/60Hz Charger Output Current: 2A Charging time: 3 hours. What's in the Package. 1 Battery Charger(EU&UK Plug).

1 User's Manual(Muti Languages). Put your foot in the front of the scooter and the other foot on the floor before riding. Make sure that the riding route is smooth. Slide forward with the food standing on the floor before starting (like riding the scooter without power). Immediately press the acceleration button and lean forward to avoid falling over backward due to inertia, so that the electric scooter will enter the working status.

Avoid pressing the handle with your body in the acceleration and deceleration process. Put one foot ahead and the other behind (like on the sliding plate/surfboard, put one foot ahead and the other behind by 70-90 for better comfort). Turning - The turning principle of the electric scooter is the same with that of surfboard/sliding plate/skis.

The handle shall be balanced with the body. Observe and make sure that turning is safe before turning. SAFETY TIPS WHEN RIDING ELECTRIC SCOOTERS. Be mindful of surrounding traffic, especially at intersections.

Try to Avoid Doing Stunts. Read the Manual Carefully & Thoroughly.

Do Not Attach your scooter to Any Other Vehicle. The tail brake is just an emergency brake device. We recommended not to force the tail brake device if it is not at a dangerous moment. Please use the electronic brake for normal use. The thread of the grip handle is reverse threaded, please install THEM counterclockwise.

Fast & Efficient: Powered with 250W Motor & 5000Mah Battery Propels Scooter to a Speed 14 mph & 5-8 Miles Long Range, Rolling Over Inclines as Steep as 15 Degrees. Say Fold-Carry Design, Lightweight & Portable: 16.5 LBS Ultra-Lightweight Folding Electric Scooter.

Can be folded down quickly with Ultra-Convenient One-Second folding Mechanism. Easy Carry to wherever you go: Office, School, Coffee Bar Gym, Subway or Elevator. Healthy: Conversions Technology Electric scooter 100% Powered by Electricity Produces Zero Emission, Good for Environment & Healthy. Notice and Remind: We Highly Recommend Conversions Technology E-scooter for Riders Who Weigh Less Than 150 Pounds or Age 10+ Teens.

Performance of Scooter May Varies by Weight or Road Condition, Make it in Full Charge Before You Riding. 6.0inch solid front, 5.5inch back.

Output voltage: DC29.4V 2A. Li-Battery 5.0Ah, 18650 14series. (Please make sure that the street portion of the address does not exceed 35 characters).

We are not responsible for any wrong or undeliverable addresses. We stand behind every product we sell. Our products are high-value products, such as electric scooters, electric bike and so on. Please confirming your demand first before you unpack it.

Megawheels / Mtricscoto is an expert supplier of electric scooter, electric bike, self-balancing scooter, hoverboards and electric skateboard since 2014. All of our products are made of solid construction and components, and our products are available with UL, CE, FCC, RoHS certifications. With years of development, we had built a strict material procurement system, producing systems & inspection systems. As well, we now have built a 100 members R & D team and work with the best brands in the field of personal transportation in the world.

Your better comments will be an encouragement for us to offer the better quality and the better service in future. We shall try our best to solve your problem to your satisfaction.

However, during weekends or holidays may delay.

Megawheels Folding Electric Scooter Adult kids Kick E-Scooter Urban Commuter    Megawheels Folding Electric Scooter Adult kids Kick E-Scooter Urban Commuter